Business processes vs Intelligent Services (real life scenarios)

In today topic let’s forget about any technology and focus only on business requirements. Our task is to describe activities needed for one action that is usually happening. The action is position change. Let’s take it generally and the position change can be promotion or demotion including department change and many other options.

Let’s start with action called promotion. We need to create scenario in the first step. For this scenario we use mind map to describe all possible changes during or after promotion event.


We have some Call Center operator and we will promote him to Sales Representative. According to this change we will need to catch following activities from the mind map.


Ok, I know it looks like the same as above. Now let’s go through all activities that must be done in the right order.

  1. Company car assignment (facility manager) – assigns company car to the employee and allocate new workplace
  2. HR Activities (HR) – prepare new contract and signatures by the employee and company management
  3. Manager Change – assign employee to the new manager
  4. Cross Boarding – do all necessary cross boarding activities like meeting new team and setting objectives for probation period.
  5. IT equipment (IT) – create new request to IT department to give new IT equipment to the employee (notebook and phone)
  6. Payroll Changes (Payroll) – send new value of the salary to the payroll system
  7. Objectives – team objectives acknowledgement, confirmation of the objectives with the new manager

How the workflow looks like by default:

workflow1 (2)

As you can see the workflow is initiated by Manager, approved by Manager’s Manager and then after some other activities the workflow is approved by HR manager. This is traditional workflow and each step require some action to be done during approval. With intelligent services we can move out of this and simplify the process because all activities will be covered by the follow up services.


With intelligent services we don’t need to cover all steps during the workflow approval. The process is easier and faster because you don’t need to perform all relevant steps during approval process. The necessary steps will be done after approving the promotion workflow.

Now we understand what we need to cover for promotion workflow. Let’s divide it into separate tasks. These tasks must be covered after the promotion is approved.

All activities to cover:

  • Cross Boarding – Meet new team, this should be follow up activity for the employee without approval workflow but it should be driven by the employee and manager
  • Cross Boarding – Set objectives for probation period – Manager and employee activities, rules given by HR, can have workflow
  • HR activities – New contract agreement – All changes are already approved by the managers and HR director so we have all necessary inputs to prepare the new contract agreement, this should be driven by HR manager and can have workflow (not approval but process workflow), this action should be done before the effective date change
  • HR activities – Salary change with pay grade change – already populated and updated in the system
  • Facility equipment – New workplace – request to facility manager to get new workplace, can be done in two ways: integrated facility management in EC or external system request
  • Facility equipment – Company Car Assignment – Buy/assign company car to the employee, giving the relevant inputs to the new contract (must be done before HR activities are completed)
  • IT equipment – New pc – typically request to external request tracking solution to provide new pc for the employee according to employee position/pay grade
  • IT equipment – New mobile phone – typically request to external request tracking solution to provide new pc for the employee according to employee position/pay grade
  • Payroll changes – changes in payroll propagated to payroll solution and updating the position/employee budget
  • Objectives – Change – assign new objectives after probation period on given position for rest of the year
  • Objectives – Review Team objectives – acknowledgment of team objectives
  • Objectives – Confirm new objectives with manager – ideally 1:1 meeting with the manager to set the objectives for the new position for current review period

Next time we will find technical solution how to cover all activities mentioned above and we will create working model that will take care of all necessary steps. Target is to have one promotion workflow and many other steps so the SuccessFactors will become single point of all necessary information.

Intelligent Services documentation is available on SAP site.


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