Languages in datamodel (for consultants only)

Many times you are facing small issue that when you download actual data model you need to manually remove/update some languages. Now this  work can be done in a second. I’ve developed application that will help you to manage languages in data models really easy. You are now only three clicks away to get one default language in your data model. Adding or replacing languages is simple as well.

The application runs on and is globally available. Here is the handbook to help you work with application but I think that it’s really simple. First what you need to do is upload the data model (currently tested: EC DM, EC DM CSF, CORP DM, CORP DM CSF). It will probably work with other templates (Goal, performance, development, requisition, candidate profile, candidate application) but I haven’t tested them. Let me know if you try it and it will work.

When you upload your data model file it will be examined and you will get three options what to do:


Now you can select languages that you want to remove from the data model. Or you can just replace some language with different or add new language to the data model.

IMPORTANT: I don’t provide translations, it works only on field labels level

The removal will delete all labels and description in specified language. The replacement will just change the language label to different one. And adding languages will copy the default label and create new language only for labels (descriptions are not included).

Let’s get back to our example, I want to remove ar-SA. and change bs-ID to “xx-XXX” and add new language YY-yy:


There is no validation what you will add/replace. If you decided to use language “1123321” – it will be there. It’s working based on text, not xml with validation. Below table is button to perform selected changes and the result is:


Now the screen of original file:


And the new one (missing ar-SA language and changes below):


Use it, give me some feedback and if you feel that you need some experienced consultant, let me know. And don’t forget to bookmark the right url:


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