Removing this site and moving everything to

Hi all,

I decided to not continue maintaining my own site for SuccessFactors and move all articles to If you want to follow all my topics please navigate to:

All other useful tools like will be moved as well and this site will become obsolete by the end of June 2016. Follow me on SCN/LinkedIn to get the information about new tools available to the SuccessFactors consultants/customers. I’m currently working on tool that will help you manage translations of LMS for Eastern European region (when you download the labels from LMS they are typically in the format that is not easy to update) and with this tool you will get possibility to reformat it to .csv format with right encoding and update it in Excel and than reformat back to .txt and upload back to LMS.

Thanks all for your engagement and I hope that we can get in touch on SAP Community Network.


Languages in datamodel (for consultants only)

Many times you are facing small issue that when you download actual data model you need to manually remove/update some languages. Now this  work can be done in a second. I’ve developed application that will help you to manage languages in data models really easy. You are now only three clicks away to get one default language in your data model. Adding or replacing languages is simple as well.

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