Business processes vs Intelligent Services (real life scenarios)

In today topic let’s forget about any technology and focus only on business requirements. Our task is to describe activities needed for one¬†action that is usually happening. The action is position change. Let’s take it generally and the position change can be promotion or demotion including department change and many other options.

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Intelligent Services introduction

Intelligent services are enhancement of the current situation in SuccessFactors. How to easily describe it? I will ask girl whether she will we marry me. If she say yes. We will get engaged. This is current approach. My question about marriage is manager action. Her yes is workflow approval. And than the change will happen. Intelligent services give some enhancement to this action. E.g. If she say yes than the invitation letters are automatically sent to all people in our contact books. Or it will trigger new task to order hotel for the wedding. Let’s now go to the detail from SuccessFactors perspective.

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