Payslips in SuccessFactors

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This is simple solution how to get payslips into SuccessFactors so employees can access them and you can use them for reporting. We have at least three options how to do it. Now let’s start with two simplest options how to get the data into SuccessFactors and enable them for the employees.

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Automatic User ID generation

This website is obsolete and the article has been moved to:

When implementing Employee Central you can see some tough questions and it is good to prepare some answers. One of them is automatic generation of UserID. This UserID is used in whole system and all employee data are relevant to this ID. In data model it is called person-id-external and it is used for employee data import and many more. The typical question is how to populate the UserID automatically to cover our business processes.

We will go through several options today. The first option is to create UserID manually according to rules that you have. These rules can be so complex that you cannot cover them by EC rules configuration. This offer the biggest flexibility that you can use everything you want. You can combine names, numbers and special characters. This is the least recommended solution.

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